Wine Grape Juice 250mlサイズ

Wine Grape Juice 250ml size

The 250ml size of our popular Wine Grape Juice, a rich grape juice made from wine grapes, is now available in stores.
This product is only available at Akiu Winery's shop.
¥900 (tax included)

This Akiu Winery original product is cute in size and perfect as a souvenir.
Recommended for those who don't like alcohol and for children!


At Akiu Winery's shop and cafe
We sell our own wines as well as a variety of local foods that go well with wine.
Wine by the glass (tasting fee applies) starts from 300 yen.
Enjoy your meal indoors or outdoors overlooking the vineyards.
Enjoy it with some snacks that go perfectly with the wines on sale in our shop!
You can freely view the wine-making equipment through the glass.

At Akiu Winery Shop & Cafe
We sell our own brewed wine and have a variety of nearby foods that go well with wines.
Glass of wine (paid tasting) starts at ¥300.
You can enjoy the view of the vineyards inside or outside.
Enjoy it with the snacks that go well with the wine sold at the shop!
You can freely see the wine making equipment through the glass.