Classification by series

Our own farm Akiu Series (Limited quantity Akiu Winery flagship wine)
・Akiu Merlot ・Akiu Field Blend Blanc

Craft Valley Series (a blend of our own grapes and purchased grapes)
・Craft Valley Blend Rouge ・Craft Valley Blend Blanc

Other wines : Merlot, Yama Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Koshu sur Lie, Merlot Rose, Muscat Bailey A

River Winds Series (Entry Lineup)
・River Winds Rouge (Muscat Bailey A)
・Riverwinds Brand (Delaware, Neo Muscat)
・River Winds Rose (Muscat Bailey A)

Bungy Series (Sparkling Wine)
・Bungee Rouge ・Bungee Blanc

Cider , Akiu Craft Cider, Bungy Cider Sweet, Bungy Cider Dry