Company Information

Background of the Foundation

Currently, Tohoku is facing various problems, including the issues caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake and a lack of agricultural successors, which are impeding the region's recovery and development. In response to these issues, Akiu Winery is a base that connects, nurtures, and revitalizes local resources, promoting regional revitalization. Akiu Winery was chosen as the site for its founding, as it is close to the center of Sendai City, has good access to other parts of Tohoku, has a climate and soil suitable for grape cultivation, and has a natural landscape rich in scenery suitable for a winery.

Three strengths that Sendai Akiu Winery considers

  1. The power to connect people, people and regions, and regions and regions
  2. The power to stimulate and nurture a variety of industries, including agriculture, commerce, and tourism
  3. Ability to blend in and highlight diverse cultures such as food, crafts, and music

I would like to put these ideas into practice through wine.


Supporting Miyagi's specialty products, culture, and arts with Miyagi wine

  • Producing wine and fruit liqueurs using fruit from the prefecture and promoting the producing areas
  • Expanding sales channels and creating new brands through collaboration with coastal fishermen and seafood producers
  • Planning and development of wine goods in collaboration with crafts

Promoting Japanese wine culture in Miyagi and nurturing its leaders

  • Accepting training for other businesses aiming to establish wineries.
  • Accepting students for training and internships.
  • Wine-related training sessions and tasting events.
  • Hosting events such as wine festivals.

Development of wine-producing areas and regional development in Akiu

  • Promoting tourism, increasing the exchange population, attracting foreign tourists, creating jobs, and attracting grape producers and wineries.
  • Wine Festival
  • Implementing accommodation plans and events in collaboration with hotels, inns, and restaurants
  • Cultivating high-quality grapes and producing wine that reflects Akiu's climate and soil

Creating a socially significant Akiu Onsen and promoting hot spring culture to the world through a winery

  • Utilizing accommodation capacity to expand tourism and increase the number of people visiting the disaster-stricken coastal areas
  • Promoting winery and hot spring culture to the world
  • Developing overseas sales channels for Akiu wine

Company Profile

Company Name Sendai Akiu Brewery Co., Ltd.
Capital 17.5 million yen
Established March 10, 2014
Representative's name Representative Director: Chikafusa Mori
board member Director: Naofumi Sakihisa
location 6, Yumoto Biwaharanishi, Akiu-cho, Taihaku-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken, 982-0241
contact address 022-226-7475
Business Contents Agricultural production, processing and sales
Manufacture and sale of wine and fruit liqueurs
Promoting wine culture through seminars, training sessions, etc.
Grape cultivation, winemaking instruction, and consulting services
Planning and development of wine and food related products
Promoting wine tourism
Grape cultivation (as of 2017, 7,000 vines of 16 varieties are cultivated on 2 hectares)
Name and address of the store Akiu Winery 6, Yumoto Biwaharanishi, Akiu-cho, Taihaku-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi Prefecture
Liquor sales manager Mori Chikafusa
Training attendance date January 17, 2023
Deadline for next training session January 16, 2026
Training organization name Japan Franchise Association