ABOUT / About Akiu Winery

Miyagi Prefecture is a treasure trove of ingredients.

Miyagi's terroir is created by the produce of the countryside nurtured by the region's rich natural environment, the seafood grown off the coast of Kinkazan, Sanriku, one of the world's three largest fishing grounds where warm and cold currents meet in the rias topography, and the work of producers who are grateful for these blessings and work with pride and dedication.

Akiu Winery opened in December 2015 thanks to the hopes and support of many people. We aim to utilize the power of the wine industry to connect and nurture people, food, culture, and industry, and we work every day on grape cultivation, wine brewing, training of future generations, and regional development.

Climate and climate suitable for fruit tree cultivation

Akiu has a climate and topography suitable for cultivating fruit trees such as grapes. Akiu Winery cultivates approximately 7,000 grape trees on a 2-hectare plot of land.
In addition, as a sixth industry company, we have been working on business aimed at regional reconstruction since the Great East Japan Earthquake.
At the store located on the premises, we have a variety of local products, including wine offerings and tastings. In addition, it is open as a cafe during the day, and you can enjoy eating and drinking on the open terrace when the weather is nice.
Please feel free to drop by.

Have a special time at Akiu Winery

At Akiu Winery, we regularly hold Marche, BBQ, and Maker's Dinner with producers so that you can enjoy the marriage of seasonal ingredients and wine throughout the year.
"The ultimate marriage is in the production area" Please visit the production area and enjoy the most delicious and impressive marriage that can only be tasted in the production area of ingredients rich in nature. In addition, at the glass-enclosed cafe and shop surrounded by vineyards, you can drink wine while enjoying local ingredients, and you can also purchase them as souvenirs. In the brewing room (tank room) at the back of the cafe, you can observe grape preparation, brewing work, bottling work, etc. through the glass.