TV broadcast "Ryohei Odai's Love Journey"

"Ryohei Odai's Love Journey"
Broadcasting station: BSJapanext
Channel: BS 263ch
Broadcast date: Thursday, January 11, 2024 (tentative)
Broadcast time: 20:00-21:00
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When Odai Ryohei was active as a member of Junretsu, he appeared on an NHK program with Shirakawa Yujiro. Now that he has gone solo, he has once again visited Akiu Winery.
It was a touching interview, as we were also given a chance to taste the unreleased red wine made from the grapes we harvested together at the time. "Mr. Mouri! It's been a while!" he said, as he and the CEO had a lively and friendly conversation, making for a fun interview.
Since it was such a special occasion, the chef used his skills to prepare wine accompaniments made with plenty of Tohoku ingredients, which everyone enjoyed very much.
(If the TV broadcast gets a great response, we will consider selling the food by reservation! Many of the ingredients are hard to get, so the number of participants and the amount may be quite large...)
Odai spent his time as a company employee in Sendai before starting his entertainment career.
He seems to have a deep attachment to Sendai, and it seems he visited many places other than Akiu Winery, so I'm looking forward to seeing that too.