Terroage Online Cooking Table

Terroage Online Cooking Table

Akiu Winery's first online cooking class will be held in collaboration with chef Fujita (Lanie's Veggie), a culinary researcher who always takes care of us!
It is a fun and delicious project to pair dishes with 3 types of wine from Akiu Winery while listening to the chef's commentary.
It's difficult to go out to eat these days due to the corona crisis, but I would like to enjoy a noisy and noisy time with everyone while staying at home.
In the future, we plan to deliver seasonal ingredients as a set, have the producers appear, and enjoy the "story of people, food, scenery, and culture in Tohoku" = "Terroage Tohoku".
"Terroage Tohoku" → https://youtu.be/7U_ZLJehZ3I
"Terroage Tohoku HP" → https://www.terroage.jp/

Flow of application (purchase) and holding 1. Please purchase "Terroage Online Cooking Table" from Akiu Winery's EC site.
Click here to purchasehttps://akiuwinery.co.jp/item/?id=165
* Application deadline: February 13 (Sun)
* Pairing wine (200ml x 3 types) will be shipped by Wednesday, February 16th. (Some distant areas until the 17th)
* The recipe and zoom URL will be sent by email at a later date, so be sure to register as a member.
2. Please prepare the ingredients listed in the recipe by the day.
3. You can enter the room from 19:50 on the day. Please enter the room by 20:00.

First time participation benefits 1. Akiu Winery original bottle opener key chain gift 2. You will receive 500 yen worth of points that can be used on the EC site when you make your next purchase (membership registration is required).
3. Present a simple and delicious marriage book that makes meals fun

Members Introduction

Akiu Winery

Akiu Winery opened in December 2015 as the first winery in Miyagi Prefecture after the earthquake, with the support of many people, in order to support producers in Miyagi Prefecture, which was severely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake, through the marriage of wine and food. Did. Taking advantage of the power of the wine industry, we aim to connect and nurture people, food, culture, and industry. Akiu Winery is located in the Akiu Onsen area, which is said to be Sendai's back room, about 30 minutes by car from the center of Sendai. The winery and vineyards are located on the southern slopes of a valley sandwiched between mountains to the north and south, with the Natori River flowing through the nearby valley. The cool breeze that flows through the valleys and rivers of Akiu blows through the furrows of the fields even during the summer. This cool breeze is a godsend, keeping the humidity of the heat off, cooling the fruit and allowing the grapes to ripen to perfection while preserving acidity.


Two ambassadors of the Ministry of the Environment, vegetable gardener Shoki Fujita and character artist TAROUT, started delicious and fun activities in 2017 with the concept of "sharing future smiles". A dish that transcends all borders and allows everyone to share a dining table. A design that will welcome and cherish the person who picks it up like family. We are working hard every day to expand the circle and make it a continuous activity that will lead to smiles in the future. We are currently holding stalls and workshops related to “food and handicrafts” that lead to a sustainable society, such as opening a store at Aoyama Farmers Market, Omotesando dust box design, and Kintsugi workshop.https://www.facebook.com/lunnysveggie/

Shoki Fujita

A vegetable gardener who grows and cooks his own vegetables. We propose Italian cuisine that draws out the flavor of vegetables and allows vegans and people with allergies to sit at the same table. Also active as a writer who makes brass cutlery and tableware. Collaboration events and catering include Salvatore Ferragamo, airbnb, and Pharrell Williams. Cooking classes are held at Matsuya Ginza, ISETAN, Hattori Nutrition College, etc.
Since 2016, he has been working as an ambassador for the Ministry of the Environment.

■Cooking class history Matsuya Ginza, ISETAN, Hattori Nutrition College, Tokyo Gas, Cafe Company, l'atelier de shiori, vedaTOKYO, Hakubaku, etc. ■Catering, events Salvatore Ferragamo x Shoki Fujita collaboration dinner, mixi, airbnb, Shibuya Cheese Stand, Pharrell Williams, etc. ■TV and radio appearance history Ganchan Channel, Kintsubu, Japamon, Nsta, Forest of Life, Hirumae Hotto, Cookpad TV, E-girlsTV, L4YOU, Shibuya Radio, Experia CM, etc.
Publication history dancyu, UOMO, ELLEatable, ELLE gourmet, LEON, NEXT WEEKEND, Yomiuri Shimbun, Mainichi Shimbun, Tokachi Mainichi Shimbun, Yasai Batake, Natural cultivation, Weekly Women, Tokyo Calendar, Lettuce Club, Woman Himself, focus, Men's Kitchen, CIRCUS, Onyva, soar, ideasforgood, women's health, etc.

Taro out ( tarout ).
Character artist. Each work has a story full of affection, and the world view that gives the feeling of being born is extremely popular not only in Japan but also overseas. He has worked on projects such as Dior Fine Jewelry Gormette, Paul Smith, and Starbucks Coffee Japan. Recently, character design for shiitake mushroom fortune-telling. Since 2016, he has been working as an ambassador for the Ministry of the Environment.

Chikafusa Mouri (Representative of Akiu Winery)

After studying architecture at university, he worked at a design office in Sendai City until July 2014. Many people who were involved in the project together at the time were affected by the disaster, and there was also a request from the local government to support the reconstruction from the standpoint of architecture, and volunteers made several reconstruction proposals. One of them was a project to revive the wine industry in Miyagi Prefecture, which was cut off by the tsunami, and to support food and producers through the marriage of wine and food. We made proposals to several affected municipalities, but they were not included in the recovery plan due to the lack of culture of grape cultivation and wine making.
However, he had a strong desire for recovery and was convinced that winemaking had the power to integrate and complement many industries, so he decided to start up a winery himself.
Currently, in addition to cultivating high-quality grapes and brewing wine, we are working on the development of bearers, food PR, and tourism “Terroage Tohoku”.