New リリース RIVER WINDS ROSE 2023

New Release RIVER WINDS ROSE 2023

We are pleased to announce the release of two new wines!
Perfect for Valentine's Day
Rosé wine and slightly sparkling red wine.
It will also be available in our online shop.

¥2,530 (tax included)
~The gentle aroma and pleasant sweetness of raspberry~
Using Muscat Bailey A from Yamagata Prefecture, we have maximized the inherent aroma of the variety using the same production method as for white wine.
A bright, transparent cherry pink color.
It has a sweet aroma of raspberry and cherry with hints of violet, a gentle acidity and a subtle sweetness.

"Banji Rouge 2022"
~Vivid ruby ​​color and soft bubbles~
¥1,980 (tax included)
Beautiful clear ruby ​​colour with a gentle berry aroma.
The refreshing fruitiness of Muscat Perry A has been transformed into a wine with a pleasant acidity and gentle bubbles.
Enjoy with prosciutto and appetizers.