Banji Cider Brut 2022

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Banji Cider Brut 2022

Banji Cider Brut 2022

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Brewing year: 2022 Type: Cider Taste: Dry Origin: Japan Capacity/Size: 500ml
Ingredients/Additives: Apples (Fuji from Miyagi Prefecture), Antioxidants (Sulfites)

We use Fuji apples that are carefully grown by contracted farmers in Watari Town, Miyagi Prefecture.
This wine is carefully brewed using high-quality apples that were allowed to ripen on the tree until late autumn.
The gentle aroma of lemon and herbs, along with a refreshing acidity and sweetness, spreads throughout your mouth.
Its easy-to-drink taste makes it a great aperitif or after-dinner drink with dessert.
It has a dry taste so that it can be enjoyed as an afternoon drink.
This cider pairs well with stewed meat and vegetables, as well as various seafood dishes. Please drink well chilled.

~Recommended dishes to go with wine~
(For a wide range of dishes, including fried foods, seafood tempura, yakitori (with sauce), pork ginger grill, sushi, and Japanese cuisine.)

Alcohol: 7.0% Drinking temperature: 8-10℃

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